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Additional parking

Our Parish is in great need of additional parking space. On Sundays cars are left all over the current parking space, creating multiple parking lines, which makes it very hard to get in and out of the parking lot. There are no specially marked spaces for the disabled. On the big church feast days the situation is even worse – our parishioners and guests leave their cars everywhere, even in those places where parking is forbidden (PLEASE NOTE: parking is forbidden on the S Union Hall Road!)

The Parish has started the additional parking project execution at the back of the Church Hall. Quite a few steps have been completed at this point: several huge stumps have been uprooted, the land has been cleaned up and leveled. It’s very unfortunate, but we cannot cover the rest of the work without additional fundraising efforts, because currently we hardly cover our ongoing bills (like utilities, etc.) with regular monthly donations.

At this point we need to get 10-12 trucks of gravel, make a pathway to the church building and the church hall, finish electrical work  — all of this has to be done before Pascha to allow for convenient parking for our Parishioners and guests on this biggest Feast of the year.

If you want and can help, you can do it in one of the following ways:

  • through the donation box (“for the Church”) in the church building;
  • by mail: Russian Church/Fundraising Committee, PO Box 913 Mulino, OR 97042
  • online: [click here]  (please chose “quick give” —> “additional parking” box)

PLEASE NOTE, VERY IMPORTANT: please mark your checks “additional parking” (payable to Russian Orthodox Church). If you are donating cash, please add a note with the amount and the purpose of this donation. We have to be able to track all the donations for this project.

If anyone is willing, there is an option to “purchase” a truck of gravel – the cost is $200.


Please contact Mila Assur at (503) 504 4525  or Fr. Alexander directly with any questions you may have.

May God bless your generosity!

Written by dmitrievnik

Март 18, 2015 в 17:18

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